Amphan Cyclone Emergency Relief

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Super Cyclone Amphan left widespread power outages and flooding across India and Bangladesh while claiming 88 lives and injuring scores of people. The most powerful storm in over two decades, the super cyclone made landfall May 20th and continued to batter the region well into the following day.

Helping Hand USA has launched its ‘Amphan Cyclone Relief’ fund to assist families with emergency relief items such as food, water, hygiene kits, and shelters with the help of vetted partner NGOs. Your support is crucial as countless lives lie in the path of this devastating storm.

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Photo Credit: Dibyangshu Sarkar/AFP

Situation on the Ground: The densely populated city of Kolkata, in Eastern India, where an estimated 14 million people reside is currently under water. Bangladesh also felt immediate effects of the storm as 10 million people lost power.

Strong winds reaching up to 115 miles per hour uprooted trees and took down powerlines as coastal villages battled storm surges. West Bengal, in India, lost 72 lives either by electrocution or falling trees. The full extent of causalities and damage remains unknown with the lack of communication. Mass evacuations a few days prior to the storm have prevented unimaginable losses.

Photo Credit: Reuters

Frightening Numbers Coming In: The United Nations has estimated 10 million people have been affected in Bangladesh while 500,000 have lost their homes. Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh is home to the largest number of Rohingya refugees who are scattered throughout 35 camps in the narrow region. Already suffering from recent camp fires; this super cyclone will devastate and demoralize an already vulnerable community.

COVID-19 restrictions are making it extremely challenging for local officials to conduct emergency search and rescue operations. We ask that you keep the people of India and Bangladesh in your prayers as we learn more about the aftermath of this cyclone.

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