Africa Relief Fund

Africa Relief Fund

HHRD has launched its African Drought Crisis fund to provide immediate food and water


Alarming drought situations in Mandera county, Kenya is creating dangerous food shortages with depleted water sources and dried up pastures recorded this February of 2021. Over 320,000 people are at risk due to drought, the socio-economic impact of COVID-19, and reduced crop production. With your support we will begin immediate relief efforts for 500 families or 3,000 people.

Situation on the Ground


With limited rainfall food security is expected to worsen in the area. The availability of water is below average leaving pastures in poor conditions. Livestock is threatened and producing below normal milk leading to increased rates of malnutrition. They need our help now more than ever. Dignity packages will provide rice, sugar, tea, oil, beans, wheat flour and more!

HHRD Work in the Region


HHRD is registered as an International NGO (INGO) with offices and team members in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, and Tanzania. We are conducting several developmental programs and projects, including Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH), Healthcare, Orphan Support, Skills Development, and Seasonal program. The people throughout the African continent need our help. 

To learn more about Projects in Africa, please click below the link to view the monthly newsletters from the field.

  • Orphan Support Program
  • Skills Development and Livelihood Program

  • COVID-19 Response

  • In Kind Gifts Program

  • Water for Life Program

  • Health Care and Nutrition Program

  • Seasonal Program: Udhiya

  • Education Support Program

HHRD Recognized Amongst Top Zakat Charity

HHRD�s philanthropic programs have not gone unnoticed, we are ranked among the top-rated Zakat Eligible Charity in the USA. HHRD received an overall score of 98.23 out of 100, reflecting the trust HHRD has earned with US based donors

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