• Special Programs

    Caravans of Hope
    Children With Disabilities Support Program
    To Sponsor a Child, Click Here
    Eid Gift Package
    Global Aqeeqa/Sadqa Qurbani
    For Aqeeqa and Sadaqh Qurbani, Click Here
    Let Helpinghand decide
    Muslim Charity Hospital in India
    MuzaffarNagar India Assistance Fund
    Plant a Fruit Tree
    Cost to Plant a Single Tree = $7
    Ramadan Food Program
    Wedding Box Program
  • Emergency Appeals

    Afghanistan Emergency Relief Fund
    Africa Crisis Fund
    Alberta Wildfire Relief
    Burmese Relief Fund
    Haiti Hurricane Relief
    Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
    Palestine Refugee Relief
    Syria Humanitarian Assistance Fund
    Thar Pakistan Drought Emergency Relief Fund
  • Current Campaigns

    African Drought Crisis
    Ecuador Relief Fund
    Mexico Relief
  • Children With Disabilities Support Program

    Children With Disabilities Support Program
    To Sponsor a Child, Click Here
  • Orphan Support Program

    Eid Gift for Orphans
    For Eid Gift for Orphans, Click Here
    Orphan Support Program
    To Sponsor an orphan, Click Here
  • Interest Free Microfinance

    Interest-Free Microfinance
    To Sponsor a Beneficiary, Click Here
  • Health Care

    Ambulance Program
    Eye Surgery
    Cost of Single Eye Surgery = $125
    Mother Child Healthcare Centers
    Ultra Sound Machine
  • Physical Rehabilitation Centers

    Artificial Limb Program
    Physical Rehabilitation Centers
    Special Needs Persons Fund
    Wheel Chair Program
  • Education Support

    ESP - Education Support Program
    To Sponsor a Student, Click Here
    ESP - Alfalah Scholarship Scheme
    ESP - Baithak Schools
    ESP - Ghazali Educational Trust
    ESP - Green Crescent Trust
    ESP - READ Foundation
    Gaza Education Fund
  • Water for Life

    Water for Life
    Water for Life-Water Tanks
  • Infrastructure Development

    Pakistan Floods House Construction
    Cost of a Single 2 Room House = $2500
  • Skill Development

    SDP - 3 Certified Diploma
    SDP - 3 days Certified Trainning Course
    SDP - Building Rent for one SDC
    SDP - Qualified Instructor
    SDP - Setup Cost of one SDC
    SDP - Tailoring Kit
    SDP - Training Kit
    SDP - Training of Diploma Courses
    Sewing Machine Program
    Skill Development Centers
    Skills & Vocational Training Program
  • Public Advocacy

    Social Justice & Public Advocacy
  • Inkind Donations

    Libyan Medical Container Fund
    Shipping Cost of In-Kind Donations
  • Youth Development

    Summer Internship Fund
    Youth For Jordan Sponsorship
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