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Stand in Solidarity Against Attacks on Christians and Muslims in Sri Lanka

Emergency Appeals: Night time curfews have been imposed across the country following deadly attacks on Muslim owned stores and mosques throughout Sri Lanka. Since the recent attacks on churches in Colombo, on April 21, 2019 that left 250 dead, tensions have been high.

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HHRD vetted partner NGO is performing needs assessment to properly provide aid to not only Christian victims recovering from April 2019’s attacks, but now also Muslims families in need. At least 5 towns in the North-Western province of the country have reported increased attacks on Muslims according to the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka.

Muslims make up 10 % of the 22 million people who reside in the region. The government has currently blocked social media networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp following anti-Muslim riots. Sri Lanka remains under a state of emergency since April attacks.

April Attacks: A total of six explosions took place in the early morning hours on what was supposed to be a day of peaceful reflection on Sunday April 21, 2019. The government has reported 257 killed and over 500 injured.

Photo Credit: Reuters

Photo Credit: Adam Dean/NYT

Helping Hand for Relief and Development stands in solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka during this difficult time. Stand with us and show your support by contributing to our “Sri Lanka Relief Fund”.

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Photo Credit: Adam Dean/NYT

HHRD has very close connections with Sri Lanka as we have provided humanitarian relief and development services to region both during and after the December 2004 tsunami. We are deeply saddened by this event and remind all those affected that we are ready, as always, to assist in anyway.

Please continue to keep the people of Sri Lanka and the families affected in your prayers during this difficult time. Our deepest condolences and sympathy go out to those who have lost their loved ones.

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