Mexico Emergency Relief

Mexico Emergency Relief

Emergency Appeal: A total of 71 homes have burned down due to strong wind gusts and residents burning trash in Santa Ana California and Tijuana Mexico. At least 8 fires have swept south of the U.S. Mexico border. So far 3 lives have been claimed and over 1,600 have evacuated their homes.

Helping Hand USA’s Emergency Response Team member Br. Issam is on location in Mexico conducting needs assessments as our southern California team prepares relief items to help the victims.

Donate to Helping Hand USA’s “Mexico Emergency Relief Fund” to help those who have lost everything. Your support today can help save a life!

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Situation on The Ground: The fires are burning near the cities of Tecate, Tijuana as well as, along the coastal downs of Rosarito and Ensenada where schools are closed due to high volumes of smoke.

(Photo Credit: Mexico News Daily)

Over 35,000 acres have been burned near Tecate as officials continue to battle this raging fire. (Photo Credit: Mexico News Daily)

HHRD Work in Mexico: HHRD Work in Mexico: HHRD is a registered NGO in the region and has been conducting Seasonal and Emergency Relief projects in and around the city of Chiapas. Our teams are currently on high alert with plans of providing immediate emergency relief due to these fires. HHRD provided extensive emergency relief to those affected by the back to back 8.1 and 6.2 earthquakes in 2018. Food, water, and medicine were provided to those affected in Oaxaca, Mexico City, Puebla and Morelos.

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Donate to our Mexico Emergency Relief Fund as our Emergency Response Team continues to provide relief on the ground.

HHRD Recognized Amongst Top Zakat Charity

HHRD’s philanthropic programs have not gone unnoticed, we are ranked among the top-rated Zakat Eligible Charity in the USA. HHRD received an overall score of 98.23 out of 100, reflecting the trust HHRD has earned with US based donors

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