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HHRD is committed to serve the humanity in Kashmir

Helping Hand USA is closely monitoring the situation on the ground in Kashmir Valley (Indian Administered Kashmir) to start the relief work as soon as the situation allows.

Emergency Appeal: An estimated 8 million people have been confined to their homes with extremely limited communication in the Muslim majority territory of Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Kashmir (J-&-K). Alarming reports coming from the area are stating increased shortage of basic needs, especially medicines and healthcare.

Helping Hand USA is in touch with humanitarian teams on ground in Kashmir Valley J-&-K through land-lines, and has learned that as soon as this lock-down ends, there will be immense and immediate humanitarian need.

Helping Hand USA has launched its “Kashmir Relief Fund” to assist families (as soon it warrants) on both sides of the Line of Control (LOC), through our own HHRD teams in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), and with the help of a vetted partner NGO in Kashmir Valley Jammu and Kashmir (J-&-K).

Helping Hand USA is urging the NGO community to come together to advocate for the opening of safe and secure humanitarian corridors to save the lives of the elderly, children, and the men and women of Kashmir.

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Situation on The Ground: On August 5th, 2019, all communications were cut off in Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Kashmir (J-&-K) leaving residents under indefinite curfew, as the autonomous status of Kashmir Valley was revoked. Kashmir remains on lockdown with blocked internet and communication.

Independent journalists are reporting of restricting movement and shortage of healthcare facilities, in what is now being categorized as an ‘open air prison’.

AL Jazeera News is reporting the people of Kashmir Valley J-&-K are under the nastiest lockdown seen in years, while more than 20,000 people living in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) on Pakistan side along the deeply militarized LOC, are migrating to safer places inland as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in AJK.

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HHRD Ongoing Work in The Region:

Photo: HHRD Aqeeqa and Sadaqa Qurbani Program in Kashmir Valley, J-&-K

Helping Hand USA has a history of working on both sides of the LOC through seasonal programs such as Winter Provisions, Global Qurbani, Ramadan Food, as well as in AJK the Orphan Support, Water for Life, Skills Development, and Medical In-Kind Gifts Program.

Photo: HHRD Winter Provisions Program in Kashmir Valley, J-&-K

The HHRD team in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) is overseeing assistance to 750 sponsored orphans; Medical In-Kind Gifts Program for Hospitals and Clinics; skills training to 300 women and youth, over 10 Water for Life Projects annually, and Seasonal Projects such as Ramadan Food, Qurbani on Eidul Adha, Aqeeqah and Sadaqah Qurbani, and Winter Provisions.

Photo: HHRD Water Projects in Rawalakot, AJK...

Similarly, in Kashmir Valley Jammu and Kashmir, our vetted credible partner NGO “HELP Foundation J-&-K” is providing annual Ramadan Food distribution, Qurbani in Eidul Adha, Aqeeqah & Sadaqah Qurbani, and Winter Provisions Program through grants from HHRD.

Photo: HHRD Ramadan Food Distributions Kashmir Valley, J-&-K

HHRD has also provided immediate emergency relief services in the aftermath of the 2014 floods in Kashmir Valley J-&-K. Furthermore, HHRD received a grant from the Islamic Society of Nevada, and with the assistance of the HELP Foundation J-&-K, a total of 52 artisans were trained in various skills to begin earning their own living.

After receiving the “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) from the government Helping Hand USA, as an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) in AJK, will serve the needs of Internally Displaced People affected by this situation in AJK.

With the knowledge that there will be a pressing need for emergency relief, Helping Hand USA is working on being fully prepared for the opening of humanitarian assistance opportunities.

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HHRD Recognized Amongst Top Zakat Charity

HHRD’s philanthropic programs have not gone unnoticed, we are ranked among the top-rated Zakat Eligible Charity in the USA. HHRD received an overall score of 98.23 out of 100, reflecting the trust HHRD has earned with US based donors

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