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Emergency Relief: HHRD Launches Sunda Strait Indonesia Tsunami Disaster Relief Campaign

Emergency Appeal:The Sunda Strait in Indonesia was ravished by a tsunami on December 22nd, 2018 caused by the Anak Krakatau volcano. Early numbers indicate the deaths of 429 people, 1,485 injured, 154 missing, and 16,082 displaced with figures expected to rise. The tsunami zeroed in on Carita Beach in Baten Province hitting the coastline and damaging the districts of Pandenglag, South Lampung and Serang.

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HHRD has been working with its partner organization PKPU in Indonesia following the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that rocked Sulawesi, Palu and Donggala in September 2018. Located in what is known as the "Pacific Ring of Fire" Indonesia is prone to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and floods. The most infamous quake, which in turn caused a tsunami, was in 2004 and cost 230,000 people their lives.

Donate To HHRD’s Indonesia Relief Fund

Areas Affected: Pandeglang, Serang, South Lampung, and Tanggamus

Emergency Relief Operations:Search and rescue operations are in full swing as emergency relief is provided to the victims of this deadly disaster. PKPU Human Initiative is providing the following relief:

-  Evacuations
-  Food Distributions
-  Hygiene Kit Distributions
-  Shelter Kit Distributions
-  Water Kitchen(for snacks and tea)

Furthermore, PKPU Human Initiative has conducted rapid response by deploying teams towards affected area.

There are 3 teams deployed to various locations:

Team 1: Established base in Panimbang and Angsana Village

Team 2: Search and Rescue team headed to Sumur and Ujung Jaya district

Team 3: Search and Rescue team headed to Tanjung Lesung

Packages: Per Family Costs for Various Packages (First Three Options are for Family of Five)

Food Package for Two Weeks = $50
(Rice 10 kgs, Cooking Oil, Halal Sausages, Sugar 1 Kg, Biscuits)

Warm Clothes = $55
(Blankets, Sarong, Mats)

Hygiene Kit = $50
(Buckets, Soaps, Tooth Brushes, Tooth Pastes, Shampoos, Towels, Detergents, Women Hygiene Packets)

Hot Meals = $500 for 100 Persons
(Meals, Drinks, Fruits)

Water Kitchen Services = $4,600 for 300+ People
(Tents, Dispensers, Water Gallon, Milk, Sachet Drinks, Coffee Tea, Drinking Water, Breads, Cancho, Plastic Cups, Green Beans, Gula Pasir, Baby Meal, Diapers, Disposal Pads, Gas Stove, Gas for Fuel, Gas Refills, Plastic Chairs)

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