Caravans of Hope: Micro-Homes for Syrian Refugees

Help Us Reach Our Target: $20,000
Build 4 Micro-Homes

Making a Lasting Impact: The Youth for Jordan Brothers continue their philanthropic efforts after having spent a week with our HHRD Middle East North Africa team helping Syrian and Palestinian refugees along with local needy Jordanian families. Their passion and experiences there have motivated them to make a lasting difference by raising funds for HHRD’s Shelter Program. Let’s come together to help sponsor 4 micro-homes for refugee families.

Many Syrian refugees are having to live in unbearably harsh conditions – being forced not only to seek refuge in foreign lands, but also having to live in tents. Micro-homes offer a great amount of relief, giving them a safer and more viable place to call home until they can return to their respective homelands. Each caravan includes two rooms, a small kitchen, running water, and a functional toilet.



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"I remember the day the bombs started dropping near our house. I was pregnant at the time, so I wanted to wait to see if the bombs would stop. They kept getting closer and closer to our home, so I had to pick up my child that was awake and start running. My eldest son was sleeping at that time, and was left behind. As I started running, and looked behind, I saw our house being bombed, killing my son.”-Fatim & Mohammad

This family has been living in a tent for the past five years. One of the daughters was born at the border between Syria and Jordan. The youngest twins were born at Za'tari Camp. After three months of staying in Za'tari, her kids began to get very sick because of the dirty water, bugs, and the unsanitary conditions. After going to the doctor, it was suggested that she leave and went somewhere that's safer for her and her kids.

Alhumdulillah, through Helping Hand for Relief and Development, we were able to provide a real home for this family.

Each caravan is sufficient for one family and includes two rooms, a small kitchen area, running water, and a functional toilet. Consider this an investment, and in return, you will receive innumerable reward from Allah, as well as the pure gratitude and happiness from these refugees that still struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Please support HHRD in providing better living conditions for our brothers and sisters who are forced to live in the refugee camps of Jordan by donating whatever amount you can. Your donation will make a difference!

We urge you to support these efforts; there is someone praying for you on the other end.

HHRD is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization started in 2005. We have been consistently rated 100% transparent on Charity Navigator (a company that rates all big nonprofits including the Red Cross), in the top 4% of all US based international charities, and the #1 zakat eligible international charity in multiple countries for the past 4 years in a row.