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Over half a million Syrian refugee children are out of school. Our goal is to sponsor the educational needs of ten children for ten years. Your donation will make a difference.



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Helping Hand for Relief and Development

After years of conflict, millions of our Syrian brothers and sisters have left their homes. Settling in foreign lands, uncertainty pervades every aspect of their lives. Where will their next meal come from? How will they be protected from the harsh environment? Will they ever return home? The situation is direr than most can imagine. As the crisis enters its seventh year, yet another concern comes to the fore: for years, thousands of Syrian refugee children have been without access to quality education.

This trip was an eye-opener; it gave perspective and realization that I had no thought of imagining. Many of the students were well behind their education levels. We visited random camps in Jordan, and learned that many hadn't gone to school in years. Education is a driving force for new doors to open, and without education, it will be very difficult for these students to be given the skills and mindset to live a better life for themselves compared to what they are living in now. In their current state, these refugees will not be able to get out of the predicament that they are in.

-Youth for Jordan 2017 volunteer

In August of 2017, a group of young brothers from across the United States made the journey to Jordan to witness first-hand the plight of the Syrian refugees. This humbling and eye-opening experience highlighted many of the blessings we rarely stop to appreciate: food, shelter, education.

This trip put many aspects of Islam into perspective for me. The incredible people we met on this trip really encapsulated the fact that Allah (SWT) tests everyone in different ways and does not put anyone in a situation they can’t handle. There was a strong realization that almost everything we experience on a daily basis is taken for granted, even so much as going to the washroom.

-Youth for Jordan 2017 volunteer

Often, it is easy for us to take the benefits of education for granted. But for Syrian refugee children, the sense of belonging, purpose, and structure that quality schooling provides in the chaos of their lives is priceless. Through the Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) Syrian Refugees Education Program, countless children and young adults are given access to the schooling and resources otherwise unavailable to them. HHRD sponsors students from the elementary level through college. These students will grow to one day contribute to and rebuild their societies - but resources are limited, and thousands of refugees remain isolated.

Our goal is to raise funds to sustain the efforts made by HHRD to provide the Syrian refugees a quality education. With your help, we hope to sponsor the educational needs of ten children for ten years. Funds raised will go towards school fees, supplies, and uniforms, as well as towards providing stipends for families and psychological support for children. The refugee children will be sponsored until the completion of high school, providing a solid foundation for their future academic dreams. Your donation will go a long way towards the upliftment, empowerment, and inspiration of a generation of Syrian refugees. Each and every contribution matters.

One of the moments that really got to me was when we were setting up a learning center, and kids began to chant “أنا بدي ادرس! نحن بدي ندرس!” “I want to study! We want to study!” In our upbringings, we end up taking education for granted. Education is a scarce commodity not really found in the refugee community. As one of the amazing Helping Hand employees was telling us, to these refugees, education is as important and necessary as water. It's their only chance of progression, their only chance of survival. To be able to grant them that opportunity is a blessing for us, and we'd be fools to not take advantage

-Saim, Youth for Jordan 2017 volunteer

This journey made me realize the importance of education. Most of these refugees are years behind their education because of war. This is an upcoming generation that we need to ensure we stand by their side. I was fortunate enough to experience this firsthand when I visited one of the schools in Irbid which had around 3,000 Syrian girls who were orphans. It was amazing to see a part of the future generation being able to get the education they need and seeing the bright smile on their faces. As they say if you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation. To be able to be part of their future is a blessing in itself.

-Kamel, Youth for Jordan 2017 volunteer

We humbly remind you of the hadith reported by Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri (May Allah be pleased with him):

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Whoever amongst you sees an evil, he must change it with his hand; if he is unable to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is unable to do so, then with his heart; and that is the weakest form of Faith".


Please donate, spread the word, and keep our brothers and sisters in your dua.

The most important thing for me is to study. I want to work and travel around the world, then I want to go back home and rebuild Syria. Education is important for me to realize my dreams.”[1]

-Nisreen, 11-year-old Syrian girl


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