A Soul of Dedication

A Soul of Dedication

By Shabnum Hussain

Let me tell you a story of a soul with dedication

With hardships or ease, finding strength, motivation

Wake up every morning, that’s a blessing; appreciation

Making the decisions on every situation


Never ever take what you have for granted

Leave a legacy, like tree roots were planted

Remain balanced, even if life turns slanted


Your Rizq was written, so remain humble

Remember it can be taken away, crumble

Take every step, but don’t fall; stumble


Yes we all need the money, and the will to live

But nothing compares to the smiles when you give


Plan to succeed, no stopping full speed

Share what you have without any greed



Even in the darkness, you should be the light

Save one more soul, it’s worth the fight

Bad deeds on the left, but you want to keep right

Think with clear vision, both eyes main sight

Shabnum Hussain is a graduate of Wayne State University with a Bachelors of Anthropology and Minor in Psychology. She is a Pakistani American based in Michigan. Currently works for HHRD.

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