Philippines Earthquake Relief

Emergency Relief: Philippines Earthquake Relief

Emergency Appeal: The Philippines was rocked by several earthquakes that claimed the lives of 21 people and left 403 injured. It began with a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that struck the municipality of Tulunan, North Cotabato severely affecting 20,704 families in the town of Makilala. A total of 12,000 people are seeking help across 19 shelters set up by the local government.

Helping Hand USA has launched its "Philippines Earthquake Relief" fund to help affected families receive humanitarian assistance as our Emergency Response Team conducts needs assessments. We urge our donors to join our efforts in providing lifesaving aid to the people of the Philippines.

Situation on The Ground: More than 180,000 people are affected following a series of earthquake that jolted the Cotabato province. There is urgent need for food, shelter, and safe drinking water.

Three consecutive earthquakes rocked area on October 16th, 29th and 31st causing widespread damage, fear and several aftershocks. Makeshift tent villages have propped up as displaced families seek a more stable shelter.

Helping Hand’s Emergency Response Team member Anna Tajminah is on location in Kidapawan, Mindanano conducting needs assessments and speaking to affected families. Helping Hand USA has been working with vetted partner NGO Taha Foundation since 2016 by providing Orphan Support, Ramadan Fitra distribution and Global Qurbani.

With the help of Taha Foundation, along with a group of active volunteers based in Cotabato City, HHRD will support relief operations in Makilala, North Cotabato.

With your support Helping Hand USA can help families who lost everything gain a sense of hope and optimism. Your generosity can pave the way towards a more normal life; one that they were living prior to this disaster. Let’s open our hearts and hands in prayer for those affected.

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