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Emergency Appeal: A few days of cooler weather could not abate the brush fires sweeping across Australia, especially New South Wales. Persistent heat, drought, and strong winds are causing these brush fires to intensify, resulting in the loss of 28 people and affecting half a billion animals while destroying 10.65 million hectares land as well as, over 3,000 homes. Recent reports share the tragic death of 3 American firefighters, whose air tanker crashed in New South Wales.

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Helping Hand USA has launched its “Australia Wild Fire Fund” to provide emergency relief services to the families, including the firefighters affected by these devastating fires. The world has watched in utter disbelief as the people and wildlife of this region face apocalyptic scenes of intense raging fires.

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Satellite image of bushfires

Situation on the ground: National parks, woodlands, and bushlands were no match for these swift moving fires that affected even the larger cities of Melbourne and Sydney. A haze of smoke covers most of these cities dangerously disrupting the air quality for local citizens. An international appeal was made by government officials as firefighters made their way to Australia to assist in battling these mammoth flames.

Fire season in Australia is at its peak during their December summer season as hot dry weather facilitated fire formations. These recent fires began with dry lighting that quickly ignited an unstoppable flame. Currently, 100 fires are still burning in New South Wales while temperatures surge to 120 Degrees Fahrenheit!

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The country is only half way through the summer and the threat of fires likely to get worse looms overhead. Clean-up efforts have begun in some areas as evacuation and search and rescue efforts continue. More than 10.65 million hectares have been burnt across the 6 Australian states.

Join Helping Hand USA in this effort to help families suffering from the tremendous loss due to these fires. We ask for your support in any way possible.

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Quick Facts (as of January 23, 2020):

- Australian fires continue to rage particularly in New South Wales

- Three American firefighters have tragically lost their lives in an air tanker crash in New South Wales

- Helping Hand USA launches “Australia Wild Fire Fund” to provide emergency relief services as 28 lives were lost, half a billion animals (~480 million) affected, 3,000 homes destroyed and 10.65 million hectares burnt

- 100 fires still burning in New South Wales as winds pick up

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