Restrooms for Refugees by Youth for Jordan Sisters

Cleanliness is Half of Faith

Making A Lasting Impact: The Youth for Jordan Sisters continue their philanthropic efforts after having spent a week with our HHRD Middle East North Africa team helping Syrian and Palestinian refugees along with local needy Jordanian families. Their passion and experiences there have motivated them to make a lasting difference by raising funds for HHRD’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene program’s restroom provision. Let’s come together to help sponsor 5 restrooms for refugee families.



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Overlooked Blessings: An estimated 4.2 billion people lack safe sanitation services. Refugee and local families living in poverty suffer from the lack of sanitation facilities which in turn has dangerous health consequences. The simple blessings of running water, hot and cold water temperatures, as well as, the privacy and safety of using a restroom or shower have been robbed of these people. This basic human necessity is a universal right.

Your Support Can Change Lives: HHRD’s helps with the distribution of soaps and hygiene kits, in areas of natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, and helps combat the spread of water-borne diseases. Children are taught hygiene skills and are given proper instructions on how they should keep themselves healthy. The cost of each restroom is $1,800 and will include sturdy walls and a door to withstand heavy weather conditions like rain and snow, a proper sewage system, a shower, and a light flask that allows individuals to use the bathroom at night easily.

With your support of these restrooms families can finally find safety and ease in maintaining half their faith through cleanliness. None of the small refugee children should have to use an old bathroom covered only by a curtain, and have a fear of wild dogs attacking them. No woman should have a fear of being raped while using a bathroom that has no door or lock. And no disabled refugee should dread using a bathroom that doesn’t have proper assistance. With your help, all of that can change. Help us fund bathrooms for those less fortunate than us; make a Syrian refugee’s day.

We urge you to support these efforts; there is someone praying for you on the other end.

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