Food Ration and Hygiene Kits for The Needy

Target Goal: $2,000,000


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Urgent: Food rations and hygiene kits are needed immediately for the most vulnerable around the world. Without financial stability and proper hygienic conditions, they are at risk of countless hardships being added to their already challenging life.

Help uplift their spirits and make a lasting impact! Your support today will help a family receive the necessary items they lack access to. They still need our support as they navigate through the trials of providing an education, nutritious meals, shelter, and proper health care for their loved ones.



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Food Ration Packages: No One Should Sleep Hungry

Sweeping lockdowns have prevented daily-wage workers from being able to bring food to their families. Food ration packages for daily wage workers and low income families will help elevate their hardship during this difficult time. A nourishing meal can strengthen their resolve to continue to hold on to hope.

Hygiene Kits: Cleanliness Is Half of Faith

HHRD hygiene kits are part of our Water and Sanitation Hygiene Program, which has been building water wells, water purification plants, bathrooms, and sanitation facilities in areas across the globe were the people simply cannot afford to build it themselves.

HHRD is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization started in 2005. We have been consistently rated 100% transparent on Charity Navigator (a company that rates all big nonprofits including the Red Cross), in the top 4% of all US based international charities, and the #1 zakat eligible international charity in multiple countries for the past 4 years in a row.


1 Hygiene Kit


1 Food Package


1 Hygiene Kit & 1 Food Package


5 Hygiene Kits & 5 Food Packages


10 Hygiene Kits & 10 Food Packages


15 Hygiene Kits & 15 Food Packages


30 Hygiene Kits & 30 Food Packages