Field Reports by HHRD Teams
HHRD Pak Director assessing emergency relief projects in Kenya and Somalia

Country Director Helping Hand for Relief and Development Pakistan Br. Fazalur Rahman is visiting Kenya and Somalia to assess ongoing emergency relief projects underway by the HHRD team. He visited Young Muslim Association in Nairobi. He visited Township Muslim School, Orphanage and Mosque in and met the children and staff.

He will be visiting HHRD water projects in the area and assess the future projects.

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Clean Water to Drought Affected Villages

HHRD has initiated WASH Project in District Garissa(North Eastern Kenya) for Drought Affected Communities. The project is setup to supply clean drinking water to 4 Drought Affected Villages (Sadahln, Disio, Hodomo 1 and Hodomo 2).

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Medical Facilities in Dadajabula

HHRD has initiated Health Center in Dadajabula, in Northeastern Province of Kenya. Health Center has begun providing medical services to the Drought Affected Communities.

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Helping Hand Immediate Response:

Millions of lives are at risk due to the worst drought to hit Somalia, Kenya and the Horn of Africa in 60 years. In Somalia, the hardest hit countries Somalia and Kenya, HHRD staff have been busy saving lives by providing food to hungry families which are most affected by Drought, these families are from Somalia and Kenya, Approximately 700 to 1000 beneficiaries are daily visiting to Refugees Camp in Dadaab, The most affected communities which are located in other areas of Somalia border have not been concentrated, in this scenario certain distributions have been done on various locations of Somalia and Kenya by HHRD, currently HHRD distributed 450 food packages to the most vulnerable families.
HHRD distributed food packages to areas which are located in Somalia border and north Kenya:
HHRD has been working in Africa not only on saving lives in immediate crises but also building long-term capacity through Healthcare , Water for life, Orphan support, and In-kind donation programs. Water for life comprises of water tankers, hand pumps, bore holes, water ponds, sanitation facilities and Shallow wells with some new well drilling techniques and innovations in rainwater storage to prevent the recurrence of famine in the future.
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