Seasonal Programs

HHRD’s Seasonal Programs enable impoverished families to enjoy the month of Ramadan and have the chance to celebrate Eid with their families. In this regard, HHRD distributes food packages in Ramadan, gifts on Eid-ul-Fitr, and meat at Eid-ul-Adha among the most deserving people across the globe. Help HHRD fulfill its vision.Donate Generously

Global Zabihah Program:
    HHRD’s Global Zabihah Program enables the Eid-ul-Adha sacrifice to take place in needy towns and villages across the globe.

    Fresh meat from the Zabihah is distributed in the local communities to those who do not have the luxury of eating meat the rest of the year.

    Last Eid-ul-Adha, HHRD’s Global Zabihah Program distributed fresh meat to half a million needy in 40+ countries across the world.

    Helping Hand can help you perform the sacrifice of your choice in the country of your choice. Your Zabiha/Qurbani will be received with smiles full of gratitude across the globe.

    Helping Hand USA is able to get lower prices based in advance volume purchase of livestock.

$160 for 2 cow shares;
1 in Africa + 1 in Nepal

$180 for 2 cow shares;
1 in Burma + 1 in Pakistan

$290 for 2 Goats/Sheep;
Special Package: Syrian + Palestinian Refugees


    Calamities in Pakistan:Since 2010, Pakistan has been hit by several floods; regular droughts in Thar, Sindh, two reathquakes in Baluchistan and recently the large influx of Internally Displaced Persons in Khyber Pukhtoun Khawa. The large onset of rain may cause floods in many rural areas causing floods and already claiming lives.

    Africa Relief: Africa has seen the worst drought in recent years and it hosts one of the largest refugee camps in the world. Famlies and children face starvation everyday and there is immense need for food, clean water and shelter

    Note: HHRD will try its best to perform sacrifice for the type of animal in the country of donor's choice but many change/re-alocate in case of unavoidable circumstances.


For complete list of Zabiha prices, please visit: Global Zabiha Page


Zakat/Fitra Program:

    Zakat-ul-fitr,is a special charity given in the blessed month of Ramadan. HHRD, with the help of your generous donations

    Fitra $10 per person. You may donate here via or choose the option of making a donation by text:

    Last year, Fitra/Eid Gifts consisting of food packages were delivered to almost 63,000 vulnerable individuals across Haiti, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

    Your Zakat-ul-fitr will help countless families open their fast and share the joy of Eid with their families.

Text FITRA to 27722 to DONATE $10
$10.00 donation to Helping Hand Relief and Development. Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. All purchases must be authorized by account holder. Must be 18 years of age or have parental permission to participate. Message and Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 27722 to STOP. Text HELP to 27722 for HELP. Full Terms: Privacy Policy

    Eid Gifts: Eid Gifts are distributed among Orphans and deserving Families on Eid Day, to enliven the spirit of Eid so they may enjoy the blessings of Ramadan.

    Ramadan Food Program: Food is distributed among the needy during Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr in a timely manner through HHRD local offices and Partner organizations. Distributions is made amongst the deserving families of victims of natural disasters, Internally Displaced Peoples, Orphans, Disabled, and the Impoverished across the globe.

    $100 Per Family, average cost for each Food Package

    Syrian and Palestinian Refugees in Jordan: For the first time HHRD is organizing a special Iftar-&-Dinner Meal Tent for 6 days a week (total 25 days during Ramadan) in Amman Jordan for Syrian & Palestinian Refugees, and some local very Needy Jordanian Families.

    Middle East Food Package: Dates / Rice / Sugar / Salt / Corn Oil / Cheese / Halawa / Tehiniah (Sesame Paste) / Foul (Beans) / Brown Lentils / Yellow Lentils / Fereek(Green Wheat) / She’reya (Pasta) / Pasta / Tomato Paste / Tuna Fish / Powdered Milk / Tea

    Other countries will have similar food according to local taste and traditions

Ramadan Food Package 2014 distribution in Chad, Africa.
Ramadan Food Distribution 2014 in Philippines

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