Public Advocacy and Social Justice

Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD), partnered with The Islamic Circle of North America’s “Council for Social Justice,” in bringing about positive change in the lives of American Muslims, but also to play an active role in public service. Donate Generously.

Strengthen Relationships and Build Partnerships

Participation in American Muslim Taskforce, which established a platform of Muslims to voice their concerns regarding healthcare reform

Participation in the following Campaigns:

    Alliance to End Hunger Campaign.

   United Against Hunger- Standing Up for Justice.

Participation in a variety of Conferences such as:

National Council of Religions for Peace in Jakarta, Indonesia, where HHRD work was highlighted and explored.

Establishing a membership with and participation in:

    Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty;

    Global Initiative for Faith, Health and Development, in which HHRD was invited to attend a meeting in the White House;

    Fighting Poverty with Faith

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