Education Support Program (ESP)

- Education is essential in breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty.

- Education lays the foundation for sustained economic growth.

- These initiatives encourage & empower the minds and hearts of the future teachers, doctors, engineers, and others, who will go on to influence their communities, nations, and ultimately the world.

- HHRD Education Support Program (ESP) promotes literacy rate, improves standard of education, and strengthens the education system through diminishing problems in access to quality education.

- Presently ESP focuses on Syrian & Palestinian Refugees in Jordan and Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.

- Support Level is $720/Year or $60/Month for 12 Months to Sponsor One of the 1,000 School Going Syrian Refugees Children in Jordan & Lebanon; and $3,000/Year or $250/Month for 12 Months to Sponsor One of the 10 Syrian Refugees Students for Higher University Studies.

- Year 2018 Budget = $750,000

- Please help HHRD fulfill its vision by Donating Generously.