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Telling the story and getting our message out. Our social organizers provides a wide range of daily news stories, press releases, a photo service and video material shot in some of the most remote locations. A network of public information officers, supported by other staff, sends material to HHRD Communications Group for processing and dissemination.

Behind all the statements and statistics about the life of a farmer, barber, groceries/fruits seller, and a widow, the internally displaced and the stateless are real people with harrowing tales of suffering and loss, as well as hope and ambition. HHRD believes we must provide a platform for their voices and - when it does not risk their safety - to give a face to the millions of people of concern. Our staff around the world gather these human stories every day so that people living in peace and comfort can understand why the forcibly displaced and stateless need compassion and care. The best way to understand the suffering of others is to hear their stories of hardship, courage, struggle and perseverance.

Muhammad Fazail,age 30, started a business of Fruit & Vegetable shop in Lamnian bazaar after the earthquake 2005. Small scale businesses were deteriorating day by day due to high inflation and lack of capital. The rates of every product was increasing substantially.
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Muhammad Shafique,age 29 living with her wife and 06 children belongs to a farmer family by profession. His productive land is less than 2 acre which cannot generate enough income. In order to support his family income he started a small Karyana store in Lamnian bazaar.
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Munazza Bibi,age 25 is residing at Lamnian District Hattian with her Husband and 4 Children in newly constructed house after the earthquake Oct 05. She belongs to poor family. Her husband is a daily wage laborer. HHRD provided her a loan of Rs 20,000 for kitchen gardening.
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Shakir Ullah'sfather is suffering from cancer. His elder brother who was the only source of family income, was killed in Malakand Operation. Finding no job and no financial assistance from friends he started a small business using market interest based loan.
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Muhammad Ismail,wake up every morning and pray. I want to send my children to school and provide them the opportunity to make the most of their lives. Being a father it is my responsibility and deep desire to educate all of my children.
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Rehmat Jan2005 earthquake victim-AJ&K), aged 45, struggled to feed her family of ten. In September, she has successfully expanded her grocery shop as she received an interest free-loan of Rs 15,000 from HHRD.

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Success Stories

Amna Mushtaq, age 30 living with her husband, trying to move her family upward on the rung of socio-economic development. Her family suffered the calamity of land sliding due to earthquake 2005. The recent monsoon rains also caused damage to her house.
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Sir Injamis the only bread earner for the livelihood of his 07 member's family. In an accident he lost his one leg and arm Consequently he also lost his job. Despite of this tragedy, he has not lost his hope. With some help from friends, he started a small tuck shop in a room of his house.
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Telling the story and getting our message out. A network of public information officers, supported by other staff, sends material to HHRD Communications Group for processing and dissemination.
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